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A few simple steps will give access to Schools / Sporting Club Managers for this program.   Programs are strictly monitored and reviewed for delivery, use and assessments.

[STEP 1]

Accept statement of use by School / Sporting Club Managers.

  • Grade Eight / Nine Students / Players
  • For delivery in-school / Clubs only with Teacher / Manager / Coach support.
  • Incorporate as part of curriculum dealing with alcohol and drugs
  • Authorised to provide the student details to the Registered Training Organisation

[STEP 2]

Option 1 – Upload student file (format) – unless this process is driven off a web page using a hyperlink in the student’s email
CSV or Excel file

Option2 – Students can self register for programs with an access key provided to the school.  

Students/ players on registration provide: 

  • First Name
  • Family Name
  • School Name
  • School Year
  • Email address

Additionally they provide a parents/ guardian of each school student / player

  • First Name
  • Family Name
  • Email address

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