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Liquor Accord Australia are launching a new “National Responsible Education of Alcohol Program” for Australian School Students.

The program, developed by Urban E Learning, will focus on giving our youth the skills and tools to deal with the enormous peer and community pressure that surrounds Alcohol and Drugs in our society.

Steve Asnicar, Director of Urban E Learning and Director of Liquor Accord Australia said that “as a Father I have seen the impact of peer pressure. I am acutely aware of school based issues facing our children on the cusp of entering the important young adult phase of their lives.”

The capacity to deal with alcohol and those affected by alcohol and Drugs, in a mature way, is paramount when adults, youth, Drugs and Alcohol are involved.

Liquor Accord Australia believes that the use of “Scare Advertising Campaigns” to reduce Drink Driving and Alcohol Fueled Violence in Australia’s youth, does not resonate with the younger population of Australia.

“The young people I talk to, just do not see these campaigns as realistic or relevant” said Steven Asnicar.

This early intervention and educational campaign, supported by appropriate legal / legislative frameworks, will ensure that our youth are influenced through proper educational methods. This method will allow our children to participate in the world fully aware of the impacts of alcohol and their actions on the community.

Liquor Accord’s proposal will target and educate youth at Grade Nine level in all schools across Australia. Whilst we would like to influence the behaviour of school leavers, we will not be targeting people who are already legally qualified to drive, attend bars or buy alcohol. There is already multiple campaigns, with large amounts of time, energy and money working on these issues.

Mr Asnicar said that, “We will offer all schools both public and private, “Free of Charge” access to complete the “Responsible Education of Alcohol Program” which is a Nationally Credentialed Australia wide program, through our associate Urban E Learning.

This education program under Liquor Accord Australia will seek to educate our youth about alcohol at their formative stage, before our children:

• become drivers – but while they are still at risk as a passenger • go to pubs – but while they are still at risk at parties or their friend’s home • start work – but will be at risk with older employees or their employer • become professional athletes – but will be at risk with older players • start career opportunities – but will be limited by exploitation of social media by more sophisticated users of Facebook and Twitter, etc

This is a substantial financial commitment from Urban E Learning per annum for the next ten years. We aim to educate more than 2 Million Year 8 and 9 students on the consequences for them of Alcohol consumption, Alcohol Fuelled Violence and Drugs and for the people who supply Alcohol and Drugs to them over the next ten years.

We have already asked for a commitment from a number of Federal and State Ministers, Local Government councillors and major Companies to support us in resourcing and delivering this program / campaign by supporting delivery in their schools.

Additionally we are presently waiting on feedback from the major sporting codes as to how this strategy can be implemented within their player development programs, given the issues they all have faced in recent times.

Ultimately it would be great if the Federal and State governments took ownership and responsibility for the proper education of our youth, with:

• delivery of appropriate alcohol educational strategies for our children • mandatory programs for all Grade Nine students in all schools across Australia in both Public and Private schools

Additionally we will be seeking support for legislation to be changed in all States of Australia making it mandatory:

• that prior to receiving a Driver’s license for the first time, all applicants must have completed a Responsible Consumption / Service of Alcohol Program in Australia • for knowledge of Alcohol issues be incorporated into the License assessment program.

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