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Liquor accord is aiming for a consistent national co-ordinated alcohol education campaign to be delivered in all schools, to our youth.

The obvious outcomes we are seeking from our campaign are significant reductions in Australian youth:

• attending school or training affected by alcohol / drug, so that they can achieve their potential
• being passengers in motor vehicle accidents, so their life is not restricted by injury
• trauma from alcohol / drug related violence, for clarity in their daily life
• sickness from alcohol / drug use, for their healthy future
• affected by alcohol in the community, for better personal, social, financial and safety
• workplace incidents related to alcohol / drug use, so their life is not restricted by injury

The aim of Liquor Accord Australia (www.liquoraccord.org) is to support our local community initiatives in drawing together those with an interest in reducing the impact of alcohol on youth and the community.

By necessity the education campaign will touch many aspects of the community and government, including :

• Transport – driving and driver education
• Police – enforcement of driving, public disorder, liquor and criminal laws
• Health – human health impacts , examples ( Obesity, Diabetes, Liver Failure, Stroke, Heart Disease)
• Liquor Regulation – licensing of premises and events
• Education – life skills and awareness of Alcohol impacts at a personal and community level
• WorkCover – workplace OHS issues
• Sport – health and recreation activities

A further issue of concern is the personal health impacts of alcohol, for our next generation.

Alcohol use alone or coupled with an extremely rapid growth in obesity rates coupled with further fuel the explosion in diabetes. Current estimates are that diabetes will effect more than 2 Million of the Australian Population by 2023.

These early transition years are highly significant for young people with diabetes. The more realistic young people suffering from diabetes are about their condition and the impact of alcohol, the better their chances when emerge from this transition stage healthier and without chronic health disorders.

We are targeting the 2 million young Australians entering our workforce and community over the next ten years. We believe the early intervention, with better educated youths, will have a major and profound impact on the health of the population Australia moving forward.

We support all organisation’s that help people with alcohol problems, who help pick up the pieces when alcohol shatters lives and who help out when people have over-consumed alcohol.

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