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Educate and Legislate is a National initiative to deliver free Information and Education to Australian School children and our Sports Club Players on the impacts of Alcohol and Drugs
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Where your School Principal or Club Manager has requested access to the Free Responsible Education receor Alcohol program, you will receive an email direct from Urban E-Learning Pty Ltd, providing all of the necessary information and steps to get started.
Educate & Legislate - Its the Only Way
Education is the best way to Change
Time for Change - Make Education of Alcohol and Drugs Mandatory at All Schools & Sporting Clubs
About Us
About Us

Educate and Legislate is an initiative to deliver free information to Australian School children.We see Year Eight and Nine as the critical years in the

Our Aim
Our Aim

Liquor Accord Australia’s ultimate aim is for the Federal and State governments to take ownership and responsibility for proper education of our youth,


Where your Principal has requested that your Year Nine students receive this free education program, you will receive an email direct from Urban

Registration Process

Step 1

Check with your School Princple

Step 2

Contact Us to arrange Program Access

Step 3

Deliver the Program to Students

Educating our Youth is the only way we break the Cycle of Alcohol and Drugs misuse.  Advertising after the event is a waste of time and money.  If  we truly want to effect change across the whole of society we need to make them aware and ready through better education.


Educate and Legislate

Barry OFarrell Reacts

PREMIER Barry O’Farrell has pledged to lock up as many people and spend as much money as is necessary to conquer alcohol-related violence in Sydney in the toughest law and order measures [...]

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Liquor Accord Australia are launching a new “National Responsible Education of Alcohol Program” for Australian School Students. The program, developed by Urban E Learning, will focus on giving [...]

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